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Growing media

Water management

Dairy Farmer Honiton - Saving £20,000 in mains water costs

Soil structure

Manure management


Ian Shears - Turning up the heat

Solar PV

Compost management

Soils for Profit

Patrick Tolley - Targeting Nitrogen

Resource Efficiency for Farmers

Julian Ellis – Efficiency Improvements


Renewable energy installations

Woodland Valley Farm – Wind turbine installation
Philip Pearson (Farming Futures Video) – Using CHP, AD and Heat pumps in tomato growing
Simon Taylor (FF and NFU) – Ground source heat pumps

Reducing run-off

Water use

Catchment Sensitive Farming – Tackling farm tracks to reduce run-off
Mitchell Fruit Garden – Using water to maximise efficiency

NVZ regulations

Aller House Farm – Adapting to new NVZ rules

Soil management

Growing systems

Martin Crawford – The forest garden approach

Trees and wood

Low Carbon Farming

Duchy (College) Home Farm - The benefits of carbon footprinting
Summerhill Farm - Low Carbon Mixed Farming
Woodland Valley Farm -Maximising Carbon sequestration

Catchment Sensitive Farming

Farming systems

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