Whats on

Listed below are all the events that are happening over the coming months concerning resource management in the south west.  If you are interested in an event click on the hyperlink and it will provide you with more information.

Please note: registration / booking is essential unless otherwise stated.

Catchment Sensitve Farming Event - Healthy Grassland Soils
16th Oct '14 to 26th Nov '14
ADBA Introductory Farmer Meeting - 4th Nov '14
Dairy Co BGS demo farm event Cornwall - 5th Nov '14
Drones for Farming conference - 6th Nov '14
LIC - BGS Pasture to Profit Conference 2014 - 11th Nov '14
Efficient water management - 11th Nov '14
Become a low Carbon grower - 11th Nov '14
Nutrient management planning workshop - 12th Nov '14
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Agriculture - 18th Nov '14
Farm Resilience - building in business planning - 19th Nov '14
Enrich your soils
24th Nov '14 to 4th Dec '14
National Soil Symposium - 25th Nov '14
Crop Production in Southern Britain : Precision Decisions for Profitable Cropping
25th Nov '14 to 26th Nov '14
Energy usage Tools and Techniques - 3rd Dec '14
The next generation of livestock production - 3rd Dec '14
Sustainable Intensification Conference
9th Dec '14 to 11th Dec '14
Common agricultural policy - next steps for implementation and supporting the rural economy - 11th Dec '14
Become a low Carbon farmer - 11th Dec '14
Farm Business Adaptation in a Changing Climate - 15th Jan '15
Farming profitably in a changing climate - SAVE THE DATE! - 3rd Feb '15
Making the most of Organic Manures - 10th Feb '15
Energy Usage Tools and Techniques - 18th Feb '15

Training opportunities

Are there any resource management issues that would be of interest to you as a training event in the south west?

If so, the SWARM Hub team would like to hear from you

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