Energy Efficiency

Energy cost savings make your business more profitable and reduce the carbon footprint

Energy Management

Did you know?

  • A 20% cut in energy costs can represent the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales
  • On most farms, savings of 10-20% of energy costs can often be made with minimal capital outlay
  • Heating, field operations, ventilation, lighting, air circulation and refrigeration equipment are the biggest energy users in agriculture, where efficiency improvements can provide the most significant savings
  • Dairy farms account for the highest overall energy cost per farm type, with energy costs representing 2% of all costs (2010, CALU)
  • The UK is the worst energy waster in Europe

How can being energy efficient help my business?

  • Energy costs may only be a small percentage of turnover, but reducing them can increase profits and competitiveness
  • It can help reduce your carbon footprint
  • It can help demonstrate the business's green credentials, a requirement now from many product buyers
  • For more advice on how to become energy efficient on your farm, register for a Resource Efficiency for Farmers visit

Useful tools

Interested in how much energy you are using? Head to the Carbon Trust website and download the interactive tool that will help you identify the key actions that you can undertake at your site to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Interested in fuel saving strategies?
Click here to go to the Efficient 20 fuel consumption database a tool for monitoring your fuel usage and see the effects of applying some of the fuel-saving techniques.

To download a guide on how to use the database click here.

The importance of monitoring energy usage

In order to look at reducing energy use on-farm, it is important to first know how much you are using. Energy efficiency can be an important step in reducing costs on-farm, and can be achieved relatively simply in many situations. A recent report looking at resource management practices on farms in the south west found that 68% of farms surveyed were monitoring energy efficiency, and 31% were not monitoring energy usage. The graph below shows the breakdown per farm type.

Monitoring energy efficiency by farm type
Carbon footprint calculators
whole farm efficiency
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