Resource Efficiency for Farmers

The Resource Efficiency for Farmers (R4F) project works with farmers and landowners to improve their management and use of energy, water and inorganic wastes.

Resource Efficiency for Farmers has been delivered by Rural Focus across the South West and included on-farm tailored advice with in depth technical assistance (where relevant) and has provided suitable evidence to support an application to the FFIS scheme. The advisory visit reviewed the current situation on the farm (energy and water usage and waste management provision) and then discussed options that would help, outlining benefits and issues on individual holdings.

Project update (October 2013)

The R4F (Resource Efficiency for Farmers) on-farm resource reviews have now closed for new referrals in Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to allow time for those already registered to be visited before the programme closes.

Technical days
Extra subsidised technical days with experts were available for farmers considering more technical projects or where feasibility work may be required. Technical days were 70% funded through the R4F project. In practice this means that for one day of technical advice R4F will pay £350 + VAT, and you will only need to find £150 + VAT.

Technical day advice can cover:

  • Site location
  • Technology selection
  • Feasibility
  • Incentive payments
  • Grid connection
  • Environmental permits
  • Finance

Be part of it
R4F has been popular with farmers across the south west who wish to look at on farm resource use.  To date R4F advisors have visited 2040 farms (September 2012) and completed their action plans with future recommendations. The map shows the number of businesses that have engaged with the R4F project since October 2009.

Uptake of the capital grant scheme from R4F
Farmers who wish to implement the advice of the consultant were able to apply to the South West Regional Development Agency for a small capital grant under the old capital grant scheme (which has been superceded by the FFIS scheme). 164 farmers (41% of applications) applied for grant solely on items eligible under R4F as the graph shows.

To read a case study from a farmer who has been through the R4F process and has been successful in achieving a grant, please click here.

R4F item approved through grant scheme (Apr - 11)

RURAL TEAM: Numbers of businesses receiving the full R4F service from October 2009 to July 2011

Over this period, the numbers of businesses receiving the full R4F service was highest in the Exeter postcode area (400-449 businesses), but lowest in Bristol, Bournemouth and Torquay (fewer than 50). As might be expected, no businesses located in major urban areas received the R4F service.

20/09/2011 (HH/PC)

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