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On-farm interest in renewables is growing

Date posted: 4th Mar '13

Following a devastating year with drought and severe flooding Farming Online reports that farmers are looking to renewable energy as an alternative means of income.

The report claims 20% of the NFU’s members are generating renewable energy in one form or another and this is expected to rise with an increase in enquiries to the Farm Energy Service regarding renewables. The Farm Energy Service estimates that 52% of the queries relate to solar energies, and 30 % relate to wind turbines.

The report also states that analysis from NatWest, RBS and RenewableUK shows that farmers can earn between £12,000 and £50,000 per annum on average from harnessing wind power on their farms from installations of 20 and 80Kw turbines.

Fisher German, specialist surveyors and experts in renewable energy, estimate that the average rate of returns for renewables is:

  • Wind power up to 25% 
  • Anaerobic Digestion 12 -24 %
  • Hydropower 10 – 15%
  • Solar power 8 – 15%
  • Biomass 8 – 15%

To read the full article from Farming Online click here.

If you are interested in generating renewable energy on your farm and would like to know more about the different technologies and what your options are, then visit the renewables  section on the SWARM Hub.

There is a FREE Renewable Energy business seminar for all farmers who want advice regarding best practice and how to choose the right project being held at the Royal Cornwall Show Ground on March 13th 2013. For full details click here.

Thinking about installing a wind turbine or a Solar PV system on your farm? Click here to read about the experiences of two farmers in Cornwall who harness wind energy on their farms and click here to download their turbine performance data.

Click here to read about the South West farmers who grows their own energy by harnessing both sun and wind on their farm.


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