The Pasture Media Project

This project is looking at pasture farming and the resource management issues and multiple potential benefits of developing the management of grassland. It explores the use of media, specifically television and radio, in knowledge dissemination to the farming community. Click here to visit the Pasture Promise TV website.

Introductory film

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Farming Unplugged
Taking the chemicals out of farming. Meet the group of Cornish farmers who are working for a chemical-free future.



Life from Earth
Soil is the basis of our health, wealth and happiness. So it makes sense to take care of it.



Do nothing Farming
What happens when you work with nature instead of battling against it? Something amazing, that's what.



The more we graze it
With all the talk of mega dairies, one young farmer checks out the options and comes down firmly on the side of grassland and grazing.



Farming in Balance
A Wiltshire organic farmer finds traditional methods often solve many of today's most pressing problems.



A question of justice
A group of farmers near Bristol pioneer a new way of marketing good food to local people.



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