The Farm Crap App

A new manure management app "the Farm Crap App" is designed to help farmers and growers value the nutrients found in organic manures.

What is it?

The app, developed by the SWARM Knowledge Hub in collaboration with Rothamsted Research North Wyke allows the farming community to appreciate the nutritive and economic value of livestock manures.

Farmers are able to visually assess manures and slurry application rates and calculate what is being provided in terms of available nutrients as well as giving an estimate of potential savings in artificial fertilisers.

The data is based on Defra's RB209 Fertiliser Manual values for crop available nutrients along with the industry produced publication Think Manures and allows you to select different seasons, types of manures and crops growing to see what the manure will provide in terms of fertiliser value.


What does it do?

The Calculator

The calculator determines the amount of crop available nutrients that are found within manures spread at different rates. This helps with decisions on how much to spread in order to meet the crop requirements.

The image library

This can be used as a visual reference guide to estimate the spreading rate of manure applied to the field and calculate the amount of crop available nutrients that have been applied.

Record sheets

The app will keep records of field spreading events which can be emailed to the office computer for inclusion in farm records.

How do I access it?

The app is available on Apple and Android devices, through the Google Play or iTunes stores. Click on the relevant picture below to go to the home page for the app.




User guides

The Hub team has produced two user guides (one for Android and one for Apple devices) to guide you through the process of downloading and using the app.  Click on the links below to dowload the guide applicable to your device.

The FarmCrapApp User Guide for Android

The FarmCrapApp User Guide for Apple

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